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HongJia Machinery Co., Ltd.
Add:Hung Ying Tong Tau Nanhai District, Foshan City, the 1st Industrial Zone (Foshan Shishan Industrial Ring Road and the junction)
Bus line:Industrial Interchange bus station, downtown can take Chancheng ----- Sanshui bus stop in the Industrial Interchange

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1), the management system: the adoption of 6S management, institutional management colleagues insist on combining humane management, uphold the "Enterprise is home, the staff is family" concept.

2), the production system: the company adhere to independent development, independent innovation. High-quality, high-precision deep inside each person, the quality and quantity of delivery so that we in the past and future competition has grown.

3), Sales System: Our products have been exported to more than thirty countries and regions overseas, and won good praise; colleagues in more than 30 domestic provinces and cities have had a high market share in the beauty of all the efforts of Prosperity we will continue to expand overseas markets, has won a broader sales cluster