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HongJia Machinery Co., Ltd.
Add:Hung Ying Tong Tau Nanhai District, Foshan City, the 1st Industrial Zone (Foshan Shishan Industrial Ring Road and the junction)
Bus line:Industrial Interchange bus station, downtown can take Chancheng ----- Sanshui bus stop in the Industrial Interchange

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People-centered, meritocratic use

Today's competitive talent competition, only to have all kinds of talent, the company in order to progress, the premise is to allow personnel work in the company and homely, so that every worker has a work of passion, simple crafts are not boring.

On the other hand: to enhance employee benefits is fundamental, only employees get satisfactory treatment will be more passionate, intense company gives appropriate measures to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, equipment quality will be enhanced and encouraged to offer advice and suggestions, especially technically, once adopted will give high rewards.

Company uphold the institutional management and humane management and use

Faced with increasingly severe difficulties to recruit people, our exit strategy to deal with the new, the staff offered good advice, in the case of companies and individuals can accept to cooperate, is cooperation rather than the employment relationship, today's society is fried staff bosses era, so the boss should treat their employees, the employee benefits and corporate profits in the same location, vital for staff interests.