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Wang Jia structural principle mechanical leveler
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Wang Jia mechanical leveler is divided into 900 Tension straightening machine, Tension leveler, its outstanding performance, range of applications across many industries machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, electronics, electricity, light, particularly in the shipbuilding , locomotives, boilers, bridges, factories and other industries metal structure. Leveling machine is mainly used in the correction of various specifications sheet and plate cut into blocks. The machine can be applied to a variety of cold and hot rolled sheet leveler.


Leveler works        A leveler disposed on the die and a lower die , the die is fixed to the cylinder wherein the plunger , the cylinder block fixed to the support frame , in the upper die and the lower die is provided with a separate cooling water , the cooling water inlet and outlet are located on the upper or lower die die . From the beginning of the leveler entrance radius / center at least the first five rolls at the same ratio with conventional leveler , and from the beginning of the leveler entrance radius of at least the last five rolls / center than the distance with DECURLING similar machines , and have the advantage that the intermediate roller leveler center distance between increases. Rapid quenching can , while avoiding the tool or the tool blank impurities erosion , thus ensuring the quality of the tool or the tool surface and the hardness of the metallic structure of the blank , to avoid the contamination of the cooling oil        Its device specific configuration based on customer requirements and the number and weight of a given number of roll leveler , generally has two 7,9,11,13 roll and generally have quadruple 11,13,15,17,19 roll , six heavy 17,19 roller.        Unit configuration : Feeding car, uncoiler , pallets pressing device , leveling the six re -type host , track cutting systems , conveyor lifting table , double row rack pneumatic , hydraulic lifts, unloading car , hydraulic system, electrical control system. The hydraulic system of the main components of the production line in Taiwan precision components ; shear length tracking system used in Germany Lenze wholly positioning servo system control. Electrical control system adopts imported PLC programmable controller and touch screen .


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