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Thanks to the new World Tree to protect the timber mill machinery plant growth
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If it is not new to the timber mill machinery plant emergence , I am afraid the last tree in the world i have already become a piece of wood human commodities. It is also because the long wood molding cycle , widely used, and therefore necessarily artificial wood homeopathy was born, it was all attributed to the car 's mechanical plant timber mill .

       When the world is only one tree , I no longer expect the cool shade , and not to buy wooden furniture. I want it far away , so I forget it's there . I did not cherish it no longer , I do not want to see that tree lonely figure. Or I'm afraid his heart 's desire , the last of a tree is also swallowed. I'm afraid , but the world is not my own , and that the tree does not belong to me, I hope it can avoid millions of people , alone, has grown indefinitely. When the world needs Noah , pleading ignorance she can come out to save people .
       Any piece of recycling and reuse of resources the way we are welcomed in Japan, the scarcity of wood can be said to have reached an extreme, they are strictly controlled felling of trees , so the Japanese are usually mostly used wood crushing machine crushed twigs or bamboo shavings discarded and made polymer plates , is a low-cost , high-profit boards, wide application , environmental pollution , by the National Human welcome . Wood flour mill flour mill machine sawdust machine all belong to this environmental resource materials production machines , the use of resources provided for the global environmental impact can not be ignored . Interaction can call 13140188883 consultation by an expert consultant to answer your questions .

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