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Infrastructure investment to accelerate the construction machinery industry
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Recent data show that the fixed asset investment growth is not as expected , increasing concerns about future macroeconomic further decline in the market , but experts believe that , in addition to real estate , manufacturing investment fell , infrastructure investment is still growing, but the NDRC speed project approvals , future infrastructure investment growth will accelerate .


       Ministry of Railways, the latest data show that the first April railway infrastructure investment 71.71 billion yuan , down 54.1 percent . According to the Ministry of Railways "Twelfth Five Year Plan" , 2012 set the basic construction investment of 40 billion yuan, which means that investment in the first four months at least 130 billion yuan , while the actual investment is much lower than expected.


       Meanwhile, April is also a further decline in sales of construction machinery . Statistics show that in April of loaders, rollers, bulldozers sales were 21,844 units, 1616 units, 1075 units, respectively, year on year decline of 23.8% , 54.6% and 32.1% , indicating that the project does not have any mechanical April turn a good sign .


Macroeconomic data released last week also confirms the above meso and micro data authenticity. Data show that the first April fixed asset investment 7.5592 trillion yuan , an increase of 20.2% , the growth rate down 0.7 percentage points from the previous March . In contrast to this is that the national budget before the April spending 3.2 trillion yuan , representing a substantial increase of 26.2% , reflecting the tone of the proactive fiscal policy .


Dongxing Securities analyst Tan Song macroeconomic believe that real estate investment fell sharply pulled down the total fixed asset investment growth . In fact , the state-owned and state holding enterprises to invest in the continuous rise year on year growth , year on year growth rate of investment in construction and installation also picked up two consecutive months . Since the latter including housing construction , water conservancy , railway road paving , etc. , so the growth rate of public investment in upstream indicates continued improvement .


According to information released by the NDRC , examination and approval of the project showed significant acceleration. April by the number of projects approved by the NDRC 328 , well above the level of 173 last year . Specifically, irrigation, road construction , environmental protection, technological transformation and innovation projects involve more .


Combined with investment in infrastructure construction , Tan Song expects infrastructure investment will reach 7.89 trillion yuan , up growth increased significantly from 2.8% in 2011 to 19 %. In manufacturing, real estate investment continued downward in the background , highlighting the charm of infrastructure investment . Among them, the railway investment will remain depressed , with limited road investment growth , water conservancy and environmental protection investment scale growth concern.


Since last year, high-speed rail incident , railway investment downturn . According to the Ministry of Railways planning , scheduling railway projects in 2012 249 , but most of them are ending and ongoing projects , new projects only nine . According to the Ministry of Transportation Planning , 2012 100,000 km highway plan , compared with 92,000 km in 2011 increased slightly , but most of which are under construction .


However, water conservancy, environmental protection investment is growing rapidly this year . It is reported that , " second five" plan to invest 1.8 trillion yuan water conservancy , water conservancy investment in 2012 the scale of the centrally planned 140 billion yuan , representing a substantial increase in investment of 114.1 billion yuan . Combing the provinces reported to the NDRC water projects this year, local -scale water more than 480 billion yuan investment , year on year growth rose from 16.3 % last year to 40%.


Environmental protection industry, "second five " plan , in the next five years will invest 3.4 trillion yuan , of which the implementation of priority eight key projects, invest 1.5 trillion yuan in pollution reduction projects, improve the livelihood of environmental protection projects, environmental projects that benefit rural , environmental infrastructure and other public service projects . Ecological environment in 2012 is expected to invest 200 billion yuan , up from 3.65 percent year on year growth last year to 30% this year .


Western Securities research centers Ma Zheng said that the current foreign trade, consumption were sluggish , the relevant stimulus is difficult to be effective in the short term , the future still need to increase investment and stimulate economic growth . But the current reality is that manufacturing investment will slump , new construction real estate investment continues to decline , and therefore has become the mainstay of investment in infrastructure and infrastructure investment to bear fruit relatively quickly .


"In order to meet the real economic growth , monetary policy will remain loose ." Ma Zheng believes that with the further decline in foreign exchange deposit reserve ratio is still room for downward adjustment . In addition, although the lower the inter-bank money prices, but the cost of financing the real economy is still high, do not rule out the possibility of the central bank to cut interest rates in the future .


the long-term perspective, Ma Zheng said that the lower level of domestic government debt , as well as the bank's strong financial backing , to implement more effective fiscal policy of the Government in the future to provide a guarantee , as well as in terms of structural tax policy potential to dig. At the same time , stimulating and stimulating consumption is a long process, the policy is expected to improve the social security force in efforts to increase residents' income

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