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Cut to length line
1350mm strip uncoiling leveler

1350mm strip uncoiling leveler

Description: This series production line for metal coil with different specifications, through uncoiling, leveling, cut to length, cut to become flat plate length and width required for the processing of cold-rolled plate, galvanized sheet, painted plate, stainless steel plate.
The series production line with decoiler feeding car → → → traction lead feeding device transitional bridge leveler → → → corrective devices servo feed conveyor → shears → → → blanking palletizing. The series production line maximum operating speed of 120 m / min, and protect the sheet smooth and no injuries; feeding driven by a servo motor and high cutting precision; double stacking the material, efficient and fast.

Mechanical components: feeding trolley, uncoiler, hydraulic auxiliary support, quad roller leveling machine, buffer Bridge, corrective institutions, serving feeding device, hydraulic shears, conveyors, stack feeding device, hydraulic system, hydraulic system (hydraulic shears used), electric control system, lubrication system